Sunday, September 22, 2019

Operations Under Supervision Of The Public Safety Director

The PHA has fully operational security office located at 24 State Street. It operates during normal business hours with after hour security/policing efforts monitored by the Director of Security in consultation with the PHA Police Liaison and the PHA Executive Director.

The Director of Public Safety is responsible for the following:

  • Physical security of PHA properties
  • First point of contact on any police related matters involving the Passaic Police Department or any other law enforcement agency.
  • Oversee the Passaic Police/PHA Police Services Agreement
  • Supervision of Security Monitors
  • Conducts General Investigations
  • Enforces One Strike Policy
  • Design/develop community participation
  • Process and create communication infrastructures
  • Offer support, technical assistance, and essential information to PHA managers and other appropriate PHA staff
  • Participate in community meetings/events; visibility at community events, participate in conferences and workshops
  • Work closely with assigned PHA personnel and other city, county, and state level social service providers
  • Perparation of required monthly reports, communication, other documentation as well as other duties assigned by the Executive Director
  • Ensuring that the Command/Policing Office is a clearing house of information for PHA managers, housing Police and other appropriate PHA staff, residents and the general community
  • 24 hour PHA tip line, which allows residents to provide information on non-emergency related crimes
  • Maintaining the PHA Report Crimes e-mail address and Anonymous Tip-Line