Monday, May 17, 2021

Security Monitors

Security Monitors.jpg

The Passaic Housing Authority takes the safety of its residents, staff and neighbors very seriously. The Public Safety Department handles all security and public safety matters. Public Safety Department staff is trained in crime prevention, public safety intervention, emergency response and disaster planning.

  • A number of public safety measures are in place to protect the community.
  • The Public Safety Department works closely with other PHA staff to identify and respond to resident needs, concerns and potential problems. This team approach allows for early and efficient resolution of each case.
  • The PHA has a 24-hour answering service.
  • Public Safety personnel patrol every property overnight. Security cameras are in place at each building and development.
  • Emergency phones are available in the lobbies of each senior site near the entrance to 299 Gregory Ave. and 14-34 East Monroe Street.
  • Public Safety personnel closely monitor all public areas at the family developments.
  • The PHA works closely with the Passaic Police Department.
  • Passaic Police Officers are assigned to PHA to assist residents and staff in keeping our community safe and drug-free. The PHA will terminate the lease for criminal or drug-related activity committed by any household member or guest on or off the premises.