Friday, July 30, 2021
Public Housing

AMP I: Alfred Speer Village

Manager: Natasha Pearson

Assistant Manager/Tenant Interviewer: Hahsaan Battle

Main Office: 33 Aspen Place

(973) 883-8894



RAD II: Vreeland Village & Chestnut Gardens

Passaic Affordable Housing Coalition

Manager: Leidy Brito

Main Office: 234 Chestnut Street

(973) 365-6778


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Passaic Senior Housing, LLC

John J. Murphy Apartments, Harry K. Hecht Apartments and Maurice J. Miller Apartments

Manager: Joann Arroyo

Main Office: 299 Gregory Avenue

(973) 365-6772


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In order to qualify, an applicant needs to meet certain income requirements. The success of the program depends greatly on compliance with the rules and responsibilities of tenancy.  Once a relationship has been established between the Housing Authority and a resident, it is crucial that all parties carry out their responsibilities earnestly and expeditiously.  

All responsibilities are detailed in the tenant lease agreement. The rules and responsibilities are as follows:

HA Res.png

Your Lease represents a legal agreement between you and the Housing Authority. The Lease will describe the following.


  1. A description of the family members on the lease and number of bedrooms.
  2. The amount and due date of rental payments. 
  3. The security deposit amount and the bank information where the escrowed security is kept on your behalf.
  4. How additional charges are assessed and payment options are made available to residents. 
  5. Utilities included or excluded in the rent. 
  6. How and when a redetermination of rent, dwelling size and eligibility take place. 
  7. What occupancy of the dwelling unit means. 
  8. The responsibilities of the Housing Authority. 
  9. The responsibilities of the tenant. 
  10. Discussion of defects hazardous to life, health or safety. 
  11. Discussion of pre-occupancy and pre-termination inspections. 
  12. When and under what circumstances Housing may enter the premises during your tenancy 
  13. Legal notice requirements. 
  14. The conditions which can result in termination of lease. 
  15. A copy of the grievance procedure.

Always keep your Lease in a safe place which is readily accessible to you. Refer to your Lease if you should have any questions or concerns about your tenancy. It is a good practice to know your Lease and become familiar with its contents so that you may enjoy a successful and compliant tenancy.

Your Lease also contains a section on rules and regulations. The rules and regulations can be found on the last page of your Lease.  A model Lease can be found here.

Here are some important points contained in the PHA Lease Agreement:

  1. All rents are due in advance on the first of each month; rents received after the 5th of the month are subject to a $25 late fee.  Rents received after the 19th of the month are subject to a court appearance that will be arranged by the Finance department and our legal advisor. In addition, a $74 charge will be applied to cover court and lawyer fees.  (Section 5B of Lease Agreement)
  2. You are responsible for the actions and conduct of your children and guests. (Section 10Y.10 & Section 10K of Lease Agreement)
  3. Stereos, radios and televisions are to be played in such a way that noise will not disturb the neighbors. (Section 10Y.4 of Lease Agreement)
  4. Only the persons named on the Lease may reside in your apartment. (Section 7 of Lease Agreement)
  5. Illegal activity of any kind (including drug related criminal activity) will not be tolerated and could result in termination of tenancy. (Section 18 of Lease Agreement)
  6. You are responsible for keeping a clean and orderly apartment. (Section 10Y.2 of Lease Agreement)